wildstone adventure

Responsible Tourism

 Being a responsible trek operator is at the heart of what Wild Stone Adventures is all about. The beautiful environment of the Himalaya is also an extremely fragile one.At Wild Stone Adventure , we are extremely conscious about the environment and aim to minimize the detrimental impact as much as possible. We design our itineraries and operate on the field guided by the principles of Responsible Tourism. All our staffs have all been given environmental training and are all very sensitive to the delicate eco-systems. Our Trip style is environmentally, culturally and socially responsible. We are committed to responsible tourism and it is implemented in every trip through the following means.


Public Transportation

We use tourist standard public transport thereby reducing  the demand of fuel supply for the private transportation services .


Local Tea House and Homestay

 During the trip we provide accommodation in Locally owned Tea House and Homestay which ultimately retain revenue in local communities.


Local Guides and Staffs

Our Guides and staffs are from the local communities. Using a Local Guide is better way to explore nook and corner of the place and also help in learning the cross- cultural way of life.


Local Food

 Locally grown food are fresher and much cheaper . Consumption of Local food also helps to reduce energy consumption through production and transportation of the food.


Small Group

 Travelling in small groups helps to develop cross- cultural understanding.


Reduce, Reuse and Recyle

We provide our staffs and travelers with the awareness on how they can practice  principle of reduce, reuse and recycle of the waste produce during the trip.