Porter Protection

 “If portering were an Olympic endurance weight lifting event, the Nepali porter would win all the medals!!!”

Porters are the real Hero’s of Mountain. Porters are essential travel companions when trekking in Himalayan environment of Nepal. Porters are incredibly valuable to the tourism industry and are the first person to be thankful for making your trek memorable. We really salute our guides and potter for making our company strong.

Our Guidelines for the Porter, guides and helping staffs



Wild Stone adventure trekking companions stick together, walk together, eat together and share each other feelings. That’s how the personal understanding can be increased and everyone can feel valued and safe during trekking in the most difficult terrain.



Wild Stone Adventure dedicated to the best of guides, potter and helping staffs. Our staffs are paid fairly above the normal rates and we share our profit with the KEEP which is working for the porter protection in Nepal.


Maximum weight

Porters carry a maximum weight of 18 kg for the company and 5 kg of their own gear. We advise our clients to adjust their personal belongings within that limit.



Tips are generally expected by the porters, guides and helping staffs. This is also a way to show respect and love for your travel companions.  


Food and Shelter

We never compromise in the quality of food and shelter of our guides, porters and helping staffs.


Mountain Gears

We provide our Porters with better clothing suitable for trekking in a mountain environment through the Porters’ clothing bank.  Our Mountain gears ensuring protection from cold, rain and snow. This include adequate sleeping bags, footwear, hat, gloves, windproof jacket and trousers , sunglasses and pads.



A sick or injured porter receive the  best treatment available in the area. If they are to be rescue, company covers all the cost of land rescue and treatment.