Genuine choice

    Going on vacation abroad can be difficult so it is best to find a genuine travel agency. Genuine travel agency can be great resource for the practical information and can provide with the entire range of services which will make the trip run smoothly as well as save your time and budget and more over create a hassle free journey. A genuine agency can provide you with a broader and more complete range of services than that can be found on internet with authentic travel experience.

     If you are trekking, hiking or going on holidays in Nepal  with the trekking agency or travel agency or agents, it is crucial to identify that the company is genuine or not. You can face countless problems during the trip if the agency you book is not legally registered with Nepal authorities. It is important to aware that there are many fake company running business though the website. They are virtually present and doesnot have real existence. Some other company are doing business on expired license; these business does not have legal protection and compromise your safety. Booking through the genuine company have numerous advantages as it is legally protected, hassle free and saves time for searching information.


Prior to booking please ask your travel agency with the following questions  


1.    Is your company registered to government authorities?

2.    Is your company environmentally conscious?

3.     Is your staffs trained?

4.     Is my payment secure with you?


We at Wild Stone Adventure are always happy to answer any of the question above. Wild Stone Adventur is fully bonded trek operator authorized by the Nepal Government, Tourism and Civil Aviation Department, Nepal Tourism Boar, Industry Department, Company Registration Office, Nepal National Bank. Beside this we are also affiliated with several prestigious  bodies such as TAAN, NMA and KEEP.


      A detail list of our registration and affiliation.  


  • Nepal Ministry of Industry, Office of Company Register. Registration No:88724/068/069
  • Nepal Ministry of Tourism, Department Of Tourism. Registration No:1390
  • Nepal Department of Small Cottage and Industries. Registration No:11743/753
  • Nepal Ministry of Finance, Departmant of Tax. PAN No:600411916

You are always welcome to enquiry us regarding our company and the services.