Eco Initiatives

The pristine beauty of mountains draws everybody’s attention but nobody ever bothers about the non-biodegradable garbage which is often left behind by the tourist and which subsequently affects the beauty of our mountains. Wild Stone Adventure makes every effort to see that no disturbance is made to the eco system where we operate our trek, tours or climbing whether its high alpine or flat land of terai. We are committed and therefore operate on minimal code of impact.


Leave no Trace

Wild Stone Adventure is committed to keep the mountain environment clean. We will leave campsites clean and take all non-biodegradable litter back to the towns for proper disposal. We disposes biodegradable food waste in allocated food pits. All non-biodegradable waste such as cans and glass, are carried for the entire journey, and disposed of back in larger town.


Discourage Deforestation

Every Wild Stone Adventure team is equipped with bio-cooking gas during its camping operation. This significantly reduce deforestation and maintain minimal impact in the region . Wherever possible, we will choose accommodation that uses kerosene or fuel-efficient firewood stoves. Where water is heated by scarce firewood, we will not use it or use as little of it as possible. Wild Stone Adventure discourages open fire.


Plant Saplings

This is the ambitious initiative designs to benefit nature and people in Nepal. Plant Saplings help lessen travel impact on climate change and the environment. Our Client will have to either plant a tree or sponsor one to reduce the impact of climate change.We will take saplings and encourage our guest to help plant them near our campsites or on the trails.


Keep Local Water Clean

 Toilet facilities will be pitched at least 30 meters away from the water source and all waste will be covered properly. We will not allow detergents to be used in streams and springs.


Plants Left in Their Natural Enviornment

We will not take away cuttings, seeds and roots that are illegal in many parts of the Himalayas.


Alternative Source of Energy for Fuel

 Where possible, we will convert to solar power such as solar lanterns, solar cookers etc.


Stationery & Other Publicity Material on Recycled Paper

We will increase the use of recycled / handmade paper for our stationery and other publicity items such as brochures etc.