Frequently Asked Questions

Travelling in new land always creates a question in brain. Here are some questions that may have arise to you with their answers.


Is travelling with individual guide safe and secure?
Of course it is safe and secure. Guide Tika is a license holder register guide of Nepal.  He is in this field for about two decade. Trust and  honest are the two strong pillar of Guide Tika career.


Do I have airport pick up facilities?
You will meet  Wild Stone Representative  with the garland on the arrival at Trihbuwan International Airport, Kathmandu.


Is communication to home possible while on trek?
Most of the trekking region on Nepal  is covered by mobile network. We provide FREE GSM sim card . All you need to do is to bring a GSM mobile set. Our service provider have modern day facilities like SMS, MMS, VOICE MAIL, INTERNATIONAL ROAMING, GPRS AND DATA SERVICES but these services depends on are you are visiting. We promise you to connect to your dear one always.


What is included in my trips?
In our packages we ensure everything you need for the outdoor adventure .For the smooth and comfortable adventure we freely provide you  sim card and after trek massage besides the other basic inclsion. It is important to refer our price include and price exclude section below every itinerary.


Can Your Company  help to arrange international flights and other services?
Yes, we can arrange international flights  and other services needed for the complete package.


What level of comfort can I expect?
We are dedicated to make your adventure smooth and comfortable. We use tourist standard hotels in urban areas. The Teahouse and lodges we use on  trek are clean and friendly. We provide you best hygienic food during trek. On camping we use good and standard equipment. For transportation we recommend private vehicles.


What health preparation do I need to make before the adventure?
It is suggested to take advice from your personal physician or a travel health clinic before adventure.


Can I trek in the Himalayas even if I haven't done any trekking before?
Absolutely, in fact it's a great place to start you outdoor adventure. We can choose the  perfect trek that match your experience and ambition.


Do I need to be in group ?
We organize all our adventure trips for adventure enthusiasts whether they are in groups - small or larger or just an individual.

What if I take more or less time on my trek than I had planned?
We are flexible and it’s your adventure. You can make your own decision on that matter. 


How much money should I bring for my trip?
This depends upon your spending habits. We can provide you with the ideas about your budgets, additional packages, and extra expenses you might incur on your trips. Regarding our packages we offer the fix price and you don’t have to pay a penny for the hidden cost.


Are there any hidden cost?
All our adventures include guide, permits and accommodation and much of the equipment you will need for your trek unless we have tailored otherwise. Once you leave home there is little to spend, mostly under personal expenses. Compare our quality, inclusions, pricing, flexibility and service and you will agree our adventure trips represent the best value around with no hidden cost.


What about personal expenses?
On every adventure trek all meals will be provided. You only need money for  air transportation, table drinks (alcoholic/non alcoholic beverages), snacks while walking (a few smaller shops are available along the trail in some areas) , souvenirs, hot shower (available in some places) and tips for your support team.


What is the standard of food and water?
We are well concerned about your health. We provide you ozonated and safest water for drinking and brushing. We provide you the hygienically standard food. We use the best and clean tea house available in the route. We always inspect the standard of kitchen and make sure everything is okey. During camp trek our best cook hygienically prepares food for you.


What is the standard of accomadation?
We make sure that your adventure is smooth and comfortable. We use tourist standard hotels in urban areas like Kathmandu and Pokhara. For more flexibility  you can choose your hotel among the alternatives. During tea house trek we use tea house and lodges that are clean and friendly. On the camping trek, we provide good equipment including 2 person tent and mess tent.


What equipments should  I bring?
Equipment highly depends on the season and months you decide to trek. We have listed equipment “what to bring” in our home page to make your trip comfortable and sweeter.


Do I need travel insurance?
It is necessary to have travel insurance for all clients to take in any adventure.  Your travel insurance should  provide adequate protection for the full duration of the tour to cover personal injury, medical expenses, repatriation expenses, helicopter evacuation, loss of luggage, etc.


What is mean by Grading ( Easy, Moderate , Strenuous)?
Grading is the term use to rate the treks based on the difficulty, walking hours, facilities available and altitude attained. We have divided the trekking in three types namely easy, moderate and strenuous. The challenge increases  as grades increase both in term of technical and geographical.Grading system helps you to choose the best adventure that fits  you.
Easy Treks
Easy treks need no previous experience and any level of fitness.Interest in hiking and walking is enough for this trek.Such treks lasts up to 6 days and  can take you to the altitude of 3000m. You can find good facilities on the route and needs 4-5 hours walks a day.
Moderate Treks
Moderate treks takes you to the high altitudes passes through rough trails and requires 5-7 hours of walks . It will require  physical fitness and mental fitness. Previous hiking and camping experiences is preferred to carry out this trek. It may take you up to 4000+ altitude.
Difficult Trek
Strenuous treks involve long days and long hours of challenging walks, high altitudes passes above 5000 and crossing glaciers. It requires sound physical and mental fitness and excellent health condition. Previous experience in alpine region is required.


Can I charge my battery on the trekking?
Of course you can, some popular trekking region has electricity supply; however do not forget to bring spare battery. In some remote region you cannot charge battery. We suggest you to bring solar charger for remote areas.


What happens if I get sick during trek?
Most of the V.D.C has health post and health assistance. We can provide you the best services available in the area .For some minor illness our staff is equipped with necessary medicines. You also need to carry some of medicines with you. Extra rest day can be taken for your health reason if you need it. In case of emergency evacuation we will contact your insurance company and  appropriate measure will be taken.

What happens if there is an emergency?
We are trained for the incident that may arise while trekking. In most cases we will contact to your insurance provider and carry appropriate measure to ensure your safety.


Is tips necessary?
Tips are appreciated by your support team after the trip. The amount depends on your budget and appreciation of their work. As a suggestion, we advise you to allocate 5-10 % of the total tour cost as tips.


What is your potter protection policies?