Sample Day

You will weaken up happy for trip. Before breakfast you pack your stuff into your bag which is then taken by the porters and will not usually be available to you until lodge that afternoon. We are usually on the trail between 7.30 am and 8.30 am. Following a good morning's walk, we stop for lunch at around 11 am. Lunch is usually a one hour break to allow for the trekker's meal followed by the crew meal. This break also enables you to do your washing bushwalk, although with stops along the way, you will cope with a moderately graded trek. Speed is not important, stamina, confidence and continuity are. The evenings are spent reading or chatting with your associate trekkers and crew about the trip so far(s). A pack of cards is an asset on these nights; the crew love teaching various Nepali card games and learning new Western games. Finally, Before going to bed your guide will brief your about tomorrows trekking route. It’s off to bed for a well deserved night's rest before you start it all again.