Dolpa test flight Aug 19, 2013

DOLPA: A test flight at
Masinechaur airport of Dolpa was conducted successfully on Sunday. The construction of the airport had begun 15 years ago. A 9AGG aeroplane of Makalu Airlines landed at the airport with Director General of Nepal Civil Aviation Authority, Ratishchandra Lal Suman and senior trainer captain Tenjing Lama. If the flight was operated daily, the supply of daily essential goods would be smooth.

Similarly, the local products as medicinal herbs and
agro-products would be supplied
to other regions, said local people gathered at the airport. Vice- Chairman of the Masinechaur Airport Construction, Janak Bahadur BC, said the Aviation Authority conducted the test flight after tremendous efforts from civil society, government and
non-government organizations.

via- THT